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 Reliability Specialists

Helping  With the Reliability of  Facilities, Pumps, and Motors

Evaluate your machine’s health and keep record of your assets.

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  • Precisely aligned belt-driven machines 
  • Highly visible green laser
  • Adjustable magnetic targets
  • Displays offset and angular misalignment
  • Quick and easy setup – no training required


  • Leveling of machine foundations
  • Flatness and parallelism of wind tower (with PENTALIGN)
  • Parallelism of rails (with PENTALIGN)
  • Leveling of reference surfaces and base
  • Circular and rectangular surface profiles
  • Surface flatness measurement is simple only a single operator is needed to measure large vertical and horizontal surfaces with Automatic Rotating Laser
  • Satisfies Ariel ER-82 requirements

Torque Wrenches

There are many techniques to tighten bolts.

we offer the right tool for your application.

  • ELECTRIC (Electric Torque Multipliers)
  • PNEUMATIC (Pneumatic Torque Multipliers)
  • HYDRAULIC (Hydraulic Torque Wrenches)
  • MANUAL (Manual Torque Multipliers)

Lawton Shims 

  • PRECUT SHIMS are made of stainless steel 304 full hard material protected against rust and deformation.
  • Different shim sizes fit motors and generators over 1,000 HP
  • All shims are marked with thickness and size to facilitate identification and re-use.
  • 13 available shim thicknesses allow all possible shim change combinations with a maximum of 3 shims.
  • Bur-free for higher accuracy in machinery alignment.

Benefits of Precut Shims

  • Reduce labor cost by eliminating hand cutting
  • Cut material waste to zero
  • Safe

Shims come in a metal storage carrying case with size dividers.

Also available in individual packages.


Ultrasonic testing device for leak detection

Next-generation leak detection with SONOCHEK

  • Large frequency bandwidth: 20-100 kHz
  • Leak analysis, evaluation and instant reporting
  • Built-in camera, microphone and speaker
  • Airborne and structure-borne sensors included
  • Monitor ultrasound emitted by rotating machine parts e.g. bearings

Watch video here...


The high precision electronic inclinometer

The ideal tool for inclination and flatness measurements

  • High precision electronic inclinometer for measurement of absolute or relative angles
  • Rotatable housing allows measurement on surfaces with any inclination
  • Measure level, flatness or parallelism of surfaces as well as plumbness of vertical shafts
  • Appropriate bracketing for different applications
  • Powerful Windows-based PC software ALIGNEMENT CENTER
  • Wireless PC communication
  • Ideal for installation and service.


  • Induction heating systems for fast and efficient heating and automatic demagnetization.
  • Compact and robust, this unit offers induction heating technology for everyday efficiency.
  • Standard features include microprocessor-controlled heating by time or temperature, auto demagnetization, automatic temperature probe recognition, and dynamic heating power regulation.


Compact chain-type bracket ALI 2.891 set

Universal mounting for PRÜFTECHNIK products:

  • mounts in less than a minute
  • fits shaft and coupling diameters of approx. 15 mm to 500 mm / 5/8“ to 20“
  • readily-available replacement parts

Compact magnetic bracket ALI 2.112 set 

Instant mounting for PRÜFTECHNIK products:

  • magnetic mounting is fastest, easiest
  • fits onto any ferromagnetic surface
  • extremely rigid
  • but simple to adjust

Extra-thin bracket ALI 2.109 set 

Perfect for extremely narrow mounting space:

  • mounts in only 8 mm / 5/16“ space
  • slip-nut design mounts quickly
  • fits diameters up to 160 mm / 6 5/16“.

Magnetic sliding bracket ALI 2.230 set 

Perfect for aligning stationary shafts.

  • slides around coupling flange or shaft end
  • for diameters of 80 mm / 3 1/8“ and up
  • use on one or both coupling sides.

Magnetic bolt hole bracket ALI 2.761-IS 

Perfect for mounting on extremely large couplings:

  • for flanges and bores
  • no radial clearance required
  • fits onto any ferromagnetic surface
  • extremely rigid
  • but simple to adjust



Protect your gearboxes and bearings before they fail! WEARSCANNER offers early detection of wear in a pressurized lubricated system.

  • Detects bearing and gear teeth wear
  • Avoids consequential damage
  • Internal storage capacity of measurement data for over 150 days
  • Communicates to any modern process control system via Modbus TCP/IP
  • Recognizes ferrite and non-ferrite materials
  • Switching alarm output capability
  • Compact stainless steel housing

WEARSCANNER detects and monitors conductive particles in oil using a unique and patented measurement principle. Results are not affected by oil temperature, flow rate, viscosity, air, water contents, or oil color (darkening).

WEARSCANNER identifies ferrite as well as non-ferrite particles and are counted in real time. The system classifies the particles by their size. It is ideal for detecting progressive damage to gear teeth or roller bearings at an early stage.


  • Omnitrend and Omnitrend Center Condition Monitoring Software
  • Alignment Reliability Center and Alignment Center Software
  • Geo Center Geometric Measuring Software


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