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N Line Industrial Sales, Inc. exclusively  represents PRUFTECHNIK in the states of 

Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa. 

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PRUFTECHNIK sets high global standards in precision measurement to meet the needs of the modern industrial maintenance world.

PRUFTECHNIK is the leading manufacturer of laser shaft-alignment technology, headed by the award-winning ROTALIGN® ULTRA and OPTALIGN® SMART and the new SHAFTALIGN® low-cost tool. In addition, PRUFTECHNIK offers bearing heaters, shims and laser pulley-alignment tools.

For other demanding measurement tasks:

  • bore alignment, straightness and flatness measurement with         ROTALIGN® ULTRA
  • wireless laser turbine-alignment with the new                               CENTRALIGN® ULTRA
  • monitoring of thermal growth with PERMALIGN®
  • ultrasonic testing with Sonochek.

PRUFTECHNIK services the vibration-analysis field with state-of-the-art portable and online condition monitoring systems, featuring VIBXPERT® and VIBSCANNER® vibration analyzers and balancers with the powerful OMNITREND® software, as well as VIBNODE® and VIBROWEB® online condition monitoring systems.

N Line Industrial Sales, Inc. has been selling and servicing these instruments in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska for over 15 years.

Our mission is to provide the finest alignment, vibration analysis and geometric measurement tools to our customers and support those products with the best training and support possible.

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